Smokey playing in clean litter in Kitangle box

January 23, 2023

Smokey has a lot of odd habits.   Like playing in clean litter (right when we clean/add new) and then using a different box to pee.   A strange but smart cat:).     Like many items used in House Of Nekko, these cool Kitangle litter boxes are available for sale on ZenByCat's online store and generate a donation to help end FIP.    Smokey tested and approved:).

 Kitangle boxes cost more than other litter boxes but they are worth it.   Easy to keep clean, practically indestructible, large enough for several cats, and they look so cool.    

Kitangle also has been a long time supporter of ZenByCat and our efforts to end FIP.   Great product and a great company!

Kabocha on top of Reef Cat Tree
The Professor's tail
The Professor high above Mikan
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