Smokey beats another milestone:). 🐾

January 23, 2023

Today Smokey received his blood test results and in a very famous researchers own words "you cannot get a more normal CBC and serum proteins".  He is 6 weeks off the drug and after one more blood check in 3 weeks, we will be able to worry less (mostly) and begin to let ourselves believe that Smokey is really cured.  So here is video of Smokey this evening. Just being a kitten:).  We are grateful. We want to give this chance to all the kittens and cats that face FIP.  He is one of a few now, but if enough people give small amounts, we can turn a few into many.  For those who have the means, please consider signing up for a small, monthly donation.  For those who cannot donate, sharing our site and our pictures helps us reach more people. All help is very much appreciated 🐾.


Below is a picture of MiniBean using Jupiter Jones as a comfortable warm fuzzy place to sleep.

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