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January 23, 2023

ZenByCat is seeking help with raising money for FIP research.  As all the people involved in the fight against FIP know well, it is really hard, and expensive, to get people to donate on a regular basis.  I know there are many worthy causes.  Plus we all have living expenses and busy lives.   That said, I wish to appeal to the people who follow ZenByCat to help us grow.  ZenByCat limits our overhead to 10%, meaning 90% of every dollar donated reaches the two charities we fund (SOCKFIP and Bria Fund) .  We have no paid positions and no donated money is ever used for our cats.  All start up costs for ZenByCat have been paid for by me.  All questions about our fundraising efforts are welcome.

While we are working on several different projects to bring corporations into this fight, our main goal of getting many people to donate small amounts each month is the most important aspect of our efforts.  The promising drugs that are being developed like the one that helped Smokey will only become available for widespread use IF we can show drug companies that there is a huge group of people who will buy a cure for FIP.  Thus, a thousand people giving $10/month will have a far greater impact than one wealthy donor.  

Please reach out to anyone who might sign up for monthly donations of $5 or $10 (  If giving is not possible, sharing our sites, our posts, and our mission also helps a great deal.  Thank you for reading all these words:).   And now, here is your moment of Zen by Cat:


Me with Climber in her favorite spot
Some of the cats at House Of Nekko
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