Smokey loses to MiniBean and GivingTuesday

January 23, 2023

ZenByCat has launched our GivingTuesday campaign and humbly asks for your support, both in donating and in sharing with friends.   Our goal is to raise $10,000, the estimated cost to care for the 20-30 cats that will be in the next drug trial (trial drug and protocols are still under study and no date has been set). GivingTuesday is a world wide event that encourages giving to charities of your choice (like ZenByCat:)).   Please follow our ZenByCats FaceBook page for more updates.

And now, to thank you for reading all those words and supporting ZenByCat, please enjoy this video of Smokey losing his prized catnip toy to his girlfriend MiniBean:).

Smokey on leg 1
Smokey on leg 2
Smokey on leg 3
Smokey on leg 4

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