Smokey avoids conflict like the true Pacifist FIP Warrior that he is:).

January 23, 2023

While we are still setting things up, we cannot wait to get people on board with this effort. Fussie Cat has given us a tremendous opportunity to show how many of us diehard cat humans are not only out there, but willing to support a company that is donating real money to this fight.   It is a high quality cat food that was actually recommended by our vet. Please share our posts about Fussie Cat and let retailers know when you purchase it that supporting FIP was one reason you were choosing Fussie Cat.  AND NOW:

Smokey is a truly Pacifist FIP Warrior who never fights with any of the other cats.  He does not fear any of the other cats either. He just finds ways around conflict.   Our Tuff Little Pacifist:).


Smokey confronted with a non-moving Nugget
My Pacifist FIP Warrior
The Professor, Vanilla, and Mikan enjoy our enchanted forest out back.
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