Smokeys shopping suggestions for the holidays

January 23, 2023

Check out all the cool things you can buy from ZenByCats online store Cat Stuff.   Every sale generates a donation to help end FIP and everything we sell has been tested and approved by Smokey and his 23 housemates.   

The first video is Smokey enjoying his life as a healthy almost 3 year old FIP Survivor.   ZenByCat works to raise the money needed to give all FIP Warriors the same chance at life that Smokey received.   Share our sites, follow us on social media, enjoy our videos, shop from our online store, and consider signing up for small monthly donations.  We will end FIP.  

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First your moment of Zen with Smokey, then below are pictures and videos of just some of the products that can be purchased at ZenByCats online store.  

ZenByCat Holiday poster 2018
Kitangle Litter Boxes
Smokey wanting SassyCat treats
ZenByCat finds The Cat Ball
ZenByCat discovers A Cat Thing
A Cat Thing xmas 2018
Smokey getting a Funky Pet Zone Bath
House of Nekko Video Ripple Rug
Kabocha & Vanilla & Smudge enjoying SassyCat Treats
Building a wheel for Smokey
Smokey becomes wheel speed demon
Cats playing with new SpiderBed from The Cat Ball

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