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January 23, 2023

When we created the FIP Warriors® page 4 years ago, it was a place where people could post the stories of their cats who had died from FIP.  All cats died from FIP. Then, in 2016, Smokey and 4 other FIP Warriors survived the first real world test of antiviral drugs as a treatment for FIP.   Two years later these drugs started becoming available online from unregulated Chinese companies.   The Facebook site FIP Warriors (Now FIP Warriors® 5.0) was started from a single forever human trying to save her FIP cat and grew to over 30,000 members all over the world.   Today volunteers in that group and others save thousands of cats by connecting them with sources of treatment, helping them determine what tests are needed, and even finding them a treatment-friendly veterinarian near them.

ZenByCat's FIP Warriors® page now has over 700 cats stories, with more than half undergoing treatment or already cured!.

Please help share this page, encourage anyone with an FIP Warrior story to share it, and let people know they can donate directly to any of the cats using the links on their pages.


Help us find more humans touched by FIP who might join ZenByCat's FIP Warriors® Club with small $10 a month donations.  We fund Dr Pedersen and other researchers all over the world who created GS and GC and are working on cheaper, faster acting, and easier to use drugs to end FIP for all cats.   Cats are being cured today of FIP only because people in the past donated to this research.   Become one of the humans who donates today and ends ALL FIP tomorrow.

Smokey FIP Survivor
Share your FIP Warriors® story and/or donate directly to any of the hundreds of cats undergoing treatment
Join the FIP Warrior® Club for as little as $10 a month and help end FIP for all cats!

A video made in 2017 about how ZenByCat came to be and what we are trying to do

THANK YOU for reading this far.  If you have any questions about ZenByCat, our efforts to end FIP for all cats, or the current state of FIP research, please email me at   I am also happy to Zoom.

Please share this page, follow ZenByCat on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, and help us reach more humans who might join this fight.

Thank you

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