Outtakes of me trying to make a video promoting Fussie Cat

January 23, 2023

Please help ZenByCat show Fussie Cat our gratitude for their becoming an active FIP Corporate Warrior.   Here are some of the ways Fussie Cat is already helping:

Will send an e- coupon for a 2lb bag of their Market Fresh dry cat food to anyone who signs up for monthly donations at ZenByCat.

Has begun making monthly donations to help find a cure for FIP.

Has added our ZenByCat logo to their homepage (on bottom of page) and when clicked, it tells people about how they can help fight FIP.  They have also agreed to use their social media to help spread awareness about FIP and raise funds to fight it.

Fussie Cat is also working with Montecito Pet Shop to set up promotions at brick and mortar stores.   More details to follow.

      Click here if you need a break from all the reading.

Fussie Cat has agreed to donate 15% of every dollar ZenByCat spends on buying food for our cats.   Montecito Pet Shop has generously added an additional 20%.   No money raised is ever used for our cats or cathouse.  Wet pay retail prices and donate any discounts to ZenByCat.

Montecito Pet Shop is running a test promotion:   For the entire month of June,  they will donate 15% of every dollar in sales of ANY Fussie Cat cat food products.  If you live anywhere near them, please stop buy and help us show them our support.  

Lastly, and most importantly, PLEASE let Fussie Cat know you support their willingness to become such an active FIP Corporate Warrior.   Buy their products at a store near you and let the stores know you support Fussie Cats fight against FIP.   Post on their Facebook page and send them messages.   Show them there is an army of highly motivated consumers willing to support companies that step up to this challenge. 

And now, please enjoy my attempts to make a video while locked in a hot shower with 10 cats and lots of cat food (editing by Kenji Fukudome).


Blackbird stakes out her share of Fussie Cat cat food
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