Mango and Mikan and Smokey

January 23, 2023

There was a film crew here for two days filming the cats and their humans.  It was a lot of fun but absolutely wore everyone out:).   Mango found being in a video is exhausting.  Mikan looking at her own image on an iPhone, and Smokey working out his back muscles.

Even as we feel so grateful for every day we have with Smokey, until we can give all FIP kittens/cats the same chance at life that Smokey received, the sadness and pain that FIP brings will continue.   We mourn every FIP Warrior that loses the battle with this horrible disease.   Warriors like Monkey and Benji and Dexter and Modi and so many more.  

Smokey and the growing number of other FIP survivors show a cure is possible.  Please help us finally end FIP and consider signing up for a small monthly donation.  $10 a month will make a real difference in bringing a cure to market.


Mango after two days of filming
Cat beds everywhere and Smokey choses the laptop
The Professor sails in her watermelon canoe
MiniBean watching the world from the safety of a tunnel
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