How can YOU help end FIP

January 23, 2023

ZenByCat became a 501c3 nonprofit and started raising awareness and money to help end FIP 14 months ago.   It has been a long learning curve and the biggest lesson we have learned is that raising money is EXPENSIVE.   Websites, Facebook ads, legal fees, t-shirts, etc are all necessary to grow and reach people but all cost money.   ZenByCat decided to limit our overhead and outreach costs to just 10% of all money raised.   By most charity standards this is a very low number and it will only be sustainable in the long run if we can get many people to sign up for small monthly donations.    When you give ZenByCat $10 a month, we use $1 to help us grow and reach more people.   We split the remaining 90 cents between and the BriaFund of the Winn Feline Foundation.    Thus, by donating to ZenByCat you fund two of the best charities in the war against FIP AND you fund our efforts to reach even more people.   ZenByCat is now known around the world for our efforts at ending FIP and fostering harmony between humans and cats.  With your help, we can continue to use that fame to give all FIP warriors a chance at life.   No money raised is ever used for our cats or our cathouse and we have no paid positions.     

Here are some of the ways you can help:

Sign up for a $10 a month donation (we keep in contact regularly with our monthly donors and you can easily stop at any time).

Shop at our Cat Stuff store.  All proceeds from ZenByCat merchandise go to help in the fight to end FIP.  We also have a growing list of Corporate FIP Warriors where a purchase by you generates a donation to ZenByCat (and often a discount for you as well).

Share our posts and encourage your friends to donate.   We have thousands of followers and if each got two more friends to donate, we would have an army:).

Tag us with your posts and tell people about us.

Support our Corporate FIP Warriors by buying their products AND posting on their websites and facebook pages your appreciation of their efforts to help end FIP.

Thank you for reading these too many words.

Smokey says thank you for your help in ending FIP
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