House Of Nekko in canoe beds

January 23, 2023

One of ZenByCat's first Corporate FIP Warriors was TheCatBall and they continue to donate a portion of every sale made using the discount code FIPWarrior (case sensitive) upon check out.   We only promote products that we believe in and that our cats actually like and use.  This video shows just some of our cats using some of the beds we have bought from TheCatBall.

We continue to reach out to new companies so please check our Cat Stuff store often and help spread the word.   Every purchase generates a donation and is making a real difference in the fight to end FIP.

Here are other ways you can help ZenByCat.   

Now, please enjoy some cats in canoes:).

Smokey tries out our newest Cat Ball
Smokey sleeping off a catnip binge:)
Crumple and Butter surrounded by friends
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