Honoring a Fallen FIP Angel named Henry

January 23, 2023

Henry was the very first FIP Warrior that inspired the FIP Warriors page on Facebook.  Robin, Henry's human, went to great lengths to get him on GS at a time when no one even knew what GS was.   She created FIP Warriors to help other humans struggling with FIP and over the past year, FIP Warriors went from 3 humans to over 15,000 and has helped hundreds of cats beat this deadly disease. Sadly, this week Henry lost his long battle with FIP and crossed the Rainbow Bridge.   

We grieve for all Fallen FIP Angels and we now grieve for Henry and the pain her human endures.  We also ask all those touched by FIP to help honor Henry and Robin's legacy by taking two simple steps:

-Join ZenByCat's FIP Warrior Club with a $10 a month automatic donation and help fund the researchers that created GS and are working on cheaper, faster, and easier to use drugs to end FIP for all cats.   If just 5000 humans take this action we can send over $1,000,0000 to Dr Pedersen and other researchers.

-Visit ZenByCat's FIP Warrior page regularly and donate to individual cats GoFundMe links.  Visit this page often and donate to as many cats as you can afford.

These two actions help today's Warriors beat FIP and will save future cats from facing this horrific disease.

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RIP FIP Warrior Henry.

Henry and
Part of the huge legacy of Henry and her amazing human Robin.  FIP Warriors Page
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