Hear Dr Heather Kennedy speak on FIP and meet Smokey

January 23, 2023

REVISED DATE: Due to the fires we had to reschedule.  See below:

Come hear Dr Kennedy (see biography below) talk about the drug trials out of UC Davis that cured Smokey, the current state of FIP research, and diagnosing FIP.   Mingle with adoptable cats at Cat Therapy.   Meet Smokey and his 23 housemates at House Of Nekko**.  Receive a ZenByCat Tea Set.  All this for a $30 donation.

Date: Wednesday, Dec 5 2018


          1213 State Street, Suite L   Santa Barbara

Please use the link below to book your time preference:

Time: First presentation - 4pm

Time: Second presentation - 6pm


$30 non-profit donation entry fee includes:
     - Dr Kennedy’s presentation
     - free entry to CAT THERAPY on another day (Cat Therapy is a cat cafe where you can hang out with adoptable cats and kittens).
     - a ZenByCat tea set (see attached)
     - **a visit to House Of Nekko to meet Smokey and his
        23other cats. (Set a day and time that works for you).

Use this link to book directly with Cat Therapy:
Scroll down to the "FIP Research Workshop" Event

Space is limited so please book early.

For those unable to attend, we plan to record Dr Kennedys talk and post it on our sites.   We may also have a FaceBook Live session with Dr Kennedy, depending on interest.

Email peter with questions:


Thank you

ZenByCat Tea Set

Short Biography of Dr Heather Kennedy

Dr. Kennedy is a 2013 graduate of UC Davis SVM. After a first career in retail management, she decided to turn her cat rescue hobby into a career as a feline-only practitioner. At UCD, she was the President of the the Feline Medicine Club, the lone member of the Feral Cat Project, and received several scholarships for her dedication to felines, including the AAFP Outstanding Scholar Award. She was reprimanded by the internal medicine service in 4th year for trying to see all of the cat patients. They told her she would be unlikely to find jobs in which she didn't see dogs. Since graduation, Dr. Kennedy has worked at two very busy feline-only practices in Santa Clarita and Land Park, and is now at a feline-only shelter in Lincoln--FieldHaven Feline Center. She has had the good fortune to have seen thousands of cats in 5 years of practice. One day she did a working interview at VCA LB and saw 7 canine patients. That is the limit of her canine experience. She treated them all like cats and was never asked back.

Dr. Kennedy counts the preeminent FIP researcher, Niels Pedersen, among her mentors, and had the fortune to work in his lab during vet school, doing genetic analysis of FIP isolates. She hoped to be the one to find the source of the elusive gene that cause the mutation of coronavirus to FIP. She did not. Still, one of her proudest accomplishments is having been able to contribute to the published literature on the disease.

Dr. Kennedy's hobbies include helping people find their lost cats, staying current of feline medicine literature, and watching Netflix with her cats. Dr. Kennedy is currently working toward the ABVP Feline Practice board certification, and she hopes to ultimately open her own feline-only practice to serve both owned and unowned kitties in the Sacramento in Yolo County.  


Heather Kennedy, D.V.M.

FieldHaven Feline Center

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