Healthy Happy Smokey hits a bump

January 23, 2023

We had a very scary 24 hours but things seem much better now.  Smokey had begun gulping often and when he started shaking, we took him to emergency care.  They took Xrays to see if something he ate was stuck somewhere, gave him an anti-inflammatory shot, and some meds to sooth his throat/esophagus.  In the morning his regular doctor did a full blood panel and exam. By this time he was much improved, although still gulping.  Luckily, that too seems to have mostly disappeared and he is sleeping next to me. The picture is of Smokey not feeling well today. The video is of a happy Smokey playing, just a few days ago.  He is one Tuff Little Man.  He will play again:).

Smokey feeling sick today
Smudge standing guard so Smokey can recover
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