Happy cats and Smokey in detention

January 23, 2023

With the 101 freeway and most of Montecito still shut down there is no work.  Everyones routines have been suddenly changed and it is quite disconcerting.  I am lucky to have ZenByCat to keep me sane (saner).

One note about our store:  We have in stock many sizes of our t-shirts but not all.  The items that are pre-order are sizes we do not have but will order as soon as we hit the minimum quantity required from our supplier.  This allows us to keep the cost down and still generate a donation.   Our hope is sales will grow enough to support keeping all sizes in stock. Thank you for your understanding and continued support.  Check out a ZenByCat t-shirt.

Mikan and Smudge explore the Tree Of Life
Smokey doing his lion roar

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