Good news & Smokey plays

January 23, 2023

As it turns out, the protease inhibitor drug trial Smokey was part of had better results than we thought.  Here is an email from one of the head researchers discussing the results:  

‍The first trial was an exploratory one to find out the treatment duration/dose, and determine the responses from diverse groups of cats with trial and error -  The information gained is supposed to help guide the more formal antiviral trial where an established protocol can be used and then more accurate survival rates can be determined for each group of cats. All in all, the current survivors are all young kittens like Smokey, except one cat, and the survival rate is about 75% in this group of cats. However, this high survival rate would not apply to an older cat who has been ill for a while for it would belong to a group that seems to have a much lower survival rate due to relapses. We need more study to confirm this and also to determine the treatment duration for the group with lower survival rate (cats that are chronically ill).

So raising money to help those next trials is more important than ever.

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And now, here is a video of Smokey and some of his friends.  You can see his white patch on his shoulder that he got from so many injections.  Just adds to his FIPWarrior status and marks him as one very lucky kitten:).


Smokey & Vanilla
Smokey on catwalks

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