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For those looking to buy GS441524 to treat FIP

January 23, 2023

This blog post was updated on 10/24/2022.

The two drugs that have proven effective in curing FIP (GC376 and GS441524) are currently only available from unregulated online sources.  It is not known when a regulated form of either drug will become available.  Given that reality, this post is meant to assist those who wish to find more information about these drugs and particularly GS441524.  ZenByCat has no financial, personal or any other connection to any of the companies selling or manufacturing these drugs, and, as such, ZenbyCat cannot guarantee or otherwise give any representations or assurances about their quality or effectiveness.  That said, many desperate cat parents were able to gain access to these drugs and have successfully treated and cured their cats of FIP.  

If you have a cat with FIP or suspected FIP, at this time there is only one group that I trust and recommend.

If you have a cat that you suspect has FIP but are not sure, I strongly urge you to join FIP Warriors 5.0.  This group has many knowledgeable people who can help you confirm FIP (misdiagnosis is not uncommon).  In treating FIP, time is of the essence.  Since there is no definitive test for FIP which is typically diagnosed using a combination of clinical signs and other diagnostics, it is important for cat parents to balance the benefits of potentially costly diagnostics with the urgency of beginning treatment.  

FIP Warriors 5.0 consists mostly of cat parents who have used or who are currently using GS to treat FIP.  While this group does not represent or endorse any GS manufacturer, it can help connect you with different suppliers of GS441524.  These companies have, so far, provided viable and effective drugs that have successfully treated a growing number of FIP cats.  There you can find out various information related to the length and current cost of treatment.  Please note that cost estimates are for the drugs only and do not include any vet care/testing that you will also need.   FIP Warriors 5.0 has several resources to help you determine the correct dosage for your cat.   Please tag ZenByCat on both sites so that we can follow your cat’s journey.

While the purpose of this post is to help facilitate the process of obtaining these drugs, ZenbyCat also understands that the use of these drugs is controversial for many reasons. Clearly, it would be better if these drugs were made available from a regulated source, but they are currently not.  Please note that our only goal and intention is to help cat parents whose cats are affected by an incurable medical condition for which effective treatment is not available in the United States either through commercial or clinical means. We do not in any way promote sell, market, advertise or otherwise offer any GS products but are simply sharing information otherwise available on the internet. We do note that we are not aware of any unreasonable risk related to GS products and we believe that GS-441524 does satisfy GRASE criteria established for animal drugs by the FDA. For those who are personally opposed to using these drugs, please remember that others may feel differently.  Likewise, many will find the cost prohibitive and should not be made to feel guilty or ashamed for their personal circumstances. ZenByCat strongly urges people on both sides of this issue not to attack the motives of people who hold a different view.  FIP Warriors 5.0 is working hard to remove comments that attack or denigrate and both groups ask for your help in keeping things civil.  

Lastly, and most importantly, ZenByCat wishes to get the message out that continued funding for FIP research is more important than ever.  While these two drugs are curing some cats of FIP and represent an important step forward in the battle to end this disease,  there are certain to be cheaper, more effective, easier to use, and faster-acting drugs that come available in the future.  These are needed so that all FIP Warriors will have access to a cure.  Further research into developing a simple, definitive test and possibly even a vaccine also requires serious consideration and funding if we are to eradicate FIP.  In order to help end FIP for all cats, ZenByCat humbly asks its supporters to remember this when posting about these amazing drugs and to please include a word or two about the need for continued donations whenever possible.

Please feel free to email me directly with further questions.

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