Doctor day at House Of Nekko 101817

January 23, 2023

Once a year our fearless and tireless doctors and nurses who help care for all our cats come to House Of Nekko and examine as many of the cats as we can catch.   Today we caught a record 17.    The cats tried everything to stop the exams.  Mango kept attacking the feet of her vets, MiniBean pretended to bite Hiro's finger, and Cheesecake tried to hide behind a shoe (cat thinking). Our deep thanks to Dr Hillary Quinn and Ashleigh who spent more than 3 hours examining sometimes not too cooperative felines. Several of the cats need follow up visits to the Vet but nothing life threatening.   So it was a good but exhausting day.

I apologize for the over-bright picture quality. I had to use flash to get them in focus since they never stopped moving.

MiniBean is expressing unhappiness at getting stuck
There is a cat in amongst all the arms
The Professor just after finishing her exam and looking not too happy
Doctor Day wore out everybody, including Smokey
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