Cool new smart mouse toy vs Smokey and MiniBean

January 23, 2023

Smokey and MiniBean would like to officially welcome Petronics as one of ZenByCat's newest Corporate FIP Warriors.   We found their smart Mousr at CatCon 2019 and have been testing it with our cats for the past few weeks.   This mouse can be controlled from your iphone but we have found the best feature is what they call Auto Play.   We select one of the several options and leave the mousr on all day.   The cats play for a while and if they lose interest, the mousr chases them or flicks its tail or makes sounds to re-engage them. We move the mousr around on different days to different rooms of the house and it provides hours of entertainment.  

Like all purchases made on ZenByCat's online store Cat Stuff, Petronics will donate a portion of the purchase price to help fight FIP.   

Smokey always gets his Mousr

Here are some more videos taken over the past few weeks of our cats vigorously testing (playing) with the Borg (what we call Petronics Mousr)

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