CatScapes Come to House Of Nekko 1

January 23, 2023

We finally installed our CatScapes after spending quite a bit of time thinking about where and how we wanted to integrate them with our existing catwalks.   CatScapes feels like Art so we created this living art sculpture. Smokey helped during the design and definitely seems to like them.    Next we will paint the shelves blue and have hired a local artist to paint an abstract mural around the CatScapes.   Please note that since we planned to take the shelves down for painting, we did not tighten the fasteners for this video.   

ZenByCat has been a supporter of CatScapes since we heard about them more than a year ago and we are thrilled to be one of the early adopters.  We even managed to convince them to become a supporter of ZenByCat and our efforts to end FIP.  

Smokey on CatScapes under ZenByCat catwalk
CatScapes installed. Next they get painted blue
Jupiter Jones
Hidari and Me-gi on catwalks 041620
Cookie Monster 041620
Me-Gi crossing catwalk 041620

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