Cats explore new Cat Tree

January 23, 2023

We are trying out a prototype cat tree from Vivipet and the cats voted with their paws.  Everything is modular and you do not have to use all the pieces.  The final version should be available soon.  The Professor claims her spot and Smokey shows off his new jumping abilities (he used to only climb things).  

We are working with Vivipet, our very first FIP Corporate Warrior, on several projects that we hope will raise money for FIP.  Besides ongoing support, Vivipet also donates $10 for every sale made through our Cat Stuff store.  The owner lost a kitten to FIP several years ago and sought out ZenByCat to see how we might work together in this War.  Please check out their online store where buying cool stuff also helps raise money for FIP research.   Now please enjoy the cat tree show.


Count the cats in the picture below:)

How many cats do you see?
Mikan next to an alien that looks a lot like her:).
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