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Large Pet Potion with Wash Mitt
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Funky Pet Zones

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It’s a simple fact our pets smell & feel funky at times.

Introducing PET POTION, a spray and towel off (or mitt) cleaning/conditioning system that leaves your pet looking, feeling and smelling fresh in just a few minutes.

For the love of pets, we want to do the very best for their skin, coat and health. Funky Pet Zones helps busy pet owners with a holistic, efficient and natural option to keep their precious furry friends clean. We also use no synthetic deodorizers that bother your pet’s sensitive sense of smell. Pet Potion leaves your pet smelling like the best version of themselves!

Studies are showing we are over bathing our pets using toxic ingredients that strip the skin’s natural moisture barrier. At Funky Pet Zones, we say NO MORE!

Finnigan and Peekaboo were the inspiration behind Funky Pet Zones’ Pet Potion, the all in one pet care system. We are committed to using high quality pet safe, natural oils in our cleanser / conditioning solution that restores the natural moisture barrier.


Large Pet Potion 5.5 oz with Wash Mitt

Dander / Allergen remover and Restores Natural Moisture barrier


🐾 All over itch

🐾 Hot Spots

🐾 Paws


🐾 No toxic deodorizers / perfume

🐾 Freshens Coat

🐾 Neutralizes oder

Sticky Situations?

🐾 Dingleberries / Bum Issues

🐾 Dirt / Sand

🐾 Tar on Paws

Problem solved with PET POTION! Get Your Pet Potion Now!