I am sorry you are facing FIP.

Please use the link below to go to the Facebook page FIP Warriors 5.0 and follow instructions listed at the top of the page.  Make sure to use this link as there are many Imposter groups:

An admin will get in touch with you shortly and can help you with getting treatment, what tests are needed for diagnosis, what meds you can use during treatment, and even help you find a treatment-friendly vet near you.  Also visit their website fipwarriors.com for more useful information.

PLEASE NOTE:  Admins are volunteers and have day jobs.  They understand the urgency of your questions and usually respond within 24hrs.  Please be courteous and they will get you the help you need.

Here is a link to ZenByCat’s FIP Warriors™ page where we encourage you to share your cats story including any fundraising links (GoFundMe, GoGetFunding, PayPal, etc): https://www.zenbycat.org/fip-warriors

Here is a link to a ZenByCat blog post with some helpful information for humans facing FIP for the first time:

Here is a link you can share with your veterinarian where they can learn from other vets about FIP treatment:

Lastly, here is a link to a ZenByCat blog post with articles  about FIP and the drugs used to treat it.

I am happy to answer any questions as well.


FIP Warriors® Treatment Guide