FIP Warriors USA/MaxPaw and Panda is not affiliated with FIP Warriors®.

If you have been using Panda or FIP Warriors USA/MaxPaw and seeing positive change were are happy for you. Unfortunately, if you choose to continue with them, FIP Warriors® will be unable to assist you. FIP Warriors USA/MaxPaw and Panda are a copycat group taking advantage of our name and reputation and we cannot vouch for their medication—oral or injectable.

What we can do is offer you the option to speak with a FIP Warriors® admin and provide a list of alternative known good medications that are equally cost effective, fully refundable and come with guarantees if used for the entirety of treatment.

If your vet recommended that you join FIP Warriors for help, I am positive they intended for you to join our group, the original FIP Warriors® formed to fight FIP and not FIP Warriors USA.

FIP Warriors® 5.0 is backed by a 10,000 member vets only group, which your vet can join. We have cured thousands of cats over the past four plus years since our inception. One of our admins continues to research and co-author papers with Dr Pedersen.

SOCKFIP — the UC Davis website refers to FIP Warriors® 5.0 within the first paragraph titled "What is FIP". We follow the UC Davis FIP protocols. Http://

Ensuring that we have a known good GS, supportive care, a committed parent, an experienced admin and proper dosage all work hand in hand during the 84 day treatment to give kitties the best chance at beating this horrible disease.  Once you are actively engaged and working with a Warriors® admin, we have support groups where you would get the type of treatment assistance and sharing from other parents going through this journey that you seem to be looking for — those groups are private and reserved for the parents working with our admins.