First and foremost, thank you for being a supporter. We are so grateful to have you as a donor and fan of ZenByCat. We can’t tell you enough how important you are to us.

We come to you with some news that, though sad, we hope will also INSPIRE you as it does us.

We want to share with you about one of the biggest champions of FIP cats, Elizabeth Colleran.

She dedicated her life to help both humans and cats. A renowned scientist and speaker, and a fierce advocate of feline health, Elizabeth worked to raise awareness and fight against FIP to help save cat's lives.

Earlier this year, Elizabeth and ZenByCat were supposed to speak about FIP at the Sea Meow Convention in August and plan a joint fundraiser, something she had wanted to do for a long time despite the fact she hated to call attention to herself, never wanting credit for anything. Sadly, she had to cancel because of her declining health.

She had been secretly battling cancer and had ultimately succumbed.

Smokey on the first day of treatment

But even as she was dealing with her own disease, she spent countless hours working for others and fighting FIP to the end. Elizabeth was motivated. She knew FIP was a terrible and painful disease.

Elizabeth knew that if left untreated, FIP is 100% fatal. But there is a cure.

Here is a picture of Smokey on the first day of treatment. He beat FIP! You barely recognize the sleek and beautiful and healthy cat he is now. He is our hero! :)

Elizabeth's vision for the fundraiser was to get others to join her. To help bring the cure to others and save cat lives.

With the blessing of Elizabeth’s Family, ZenByCat decided to move forward with her fundraiser and have created the ELIZABETH COLLERAN FIGHT FIP MEMORIAL FUNDRAISER.

With your help, we can honor this wonderful, loving, kind human being.

If you have benefitted from her work and others’ work to fight FIP, please consider paying it forward and giving.

If you love cats and wish to help save cat lives, please consider giving.

If there is a cat lover in your life and are looking for a way to gift or honor them, please consider giving in their name.

Give to the ELIZABETH COLLERAN FIGHT FIP MEMORIAL FUNDRAISER. With your help, we can help save cat lives in honor and celebration of this wonderful, loving, kind human being.

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