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Zuzu is a 3-months-old rescue kitten we have recently adopted. She is our first pet but unfortunately, we enjoyed her sweet playful nature for the first week only until her health started declining. Her little potbelly bloated so fast, she was lethargic, had a high fever, and no energy at all. All this was sudden, rapid, and totally unexpected.  

After another week of multiple vet visits, bloodwork, abdominal fluid test, ultrasound, and other research, we were presented with the diagnosis: wet FIP which basically means a death sentence. They gave her a couple of weeks to 2 months tops, and the only option presented to us was to euthanize her. However, we found out there's hope for kitties like ours and chose to fight for Zuzu's life. We also want it to be a valuable life lesson for our kid - never give up on somebody you love!

The costs to cover her treatment, vet visits, and monthly bloodwork are very high, and we're at the very beginning of this long and bumpy road but we already see the progress, take one day at a time, celebrate small victories, and are willing to keep going, hopeful that she will be cured.

So, if you want to help us save Zuzu, we would greatly appreciate any contribution, positive vibes also count :)

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