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I took Zuko into my home as a foster in March right as the pandemic began and everything was closing down. A neighbor found him roaming the streets. He was about 6 months at the time. He joined my other fosters and pets like he was meant to be here. He was very playful and absolutely mischievous. We nicknamed him the garbage cat because he would somehow always find something to eat that he shouldn't be! He was always hungry. Then about a month ago all of that started to change. He was less social, didn't beg for food all the time and basically hung out by himself. Then about a week ago I thought his tummy was starting to swell. I have 2 other fosters pass away from FIP so I became suspicious immediately. Yesterday the vet diagnosed him with wet FIP. I learned through my Rescue that there was a promising treatment now but it is rather expensive. So far we have 4 weeks worth of treatment covered. But we need to raise money for the other 8 weeks. So if anyone can help save Zuko's life, please donate today! Thank you for reading his story!

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