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I bought my ocicat Ziva from her breeder in February 2017 when she was 6 months old. My step-sister had gotten Ziva’s litter mate Gia a few months before, and I was fascinated by her exotic appearance and the fact that while she looked wild she was 100% domestic. When I saw Ziva’s picture on their web site, I knew I had to meet her, so I set up an appointment to make the 5 hour drive to do so. The moment I met her it was love at first sight, and she came home with me that day. She loved to go for car rides, and as soon the weather warmed up a bit I began taking her for walks on a harness, which she also loved. The photo is of one of those happy memories. Sadly, a few days before her 1st birthday on July 21, 2017 she injured her leg. X-rays would show a fracture of her fibula. I believe it was the stress of the pain from this injury which was the final ingredient needed for the feline coronavirus to mutate into the fatal FIP, which she was diagnosed with a few weeks later on August 7, 2017. She, her care team, and I fought valiantly to beat the disease, but sadly she lost her battle on September 14, 2017 to this disease that I, like so many others, had never even heard of until my sweet fur baby’s battle. My little FIP Warrior will furever be in my heart, and now I join in the fight so that future warriors have more hope that they can win their battles with this beast.