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Zenith has just turned one. He's a rescue, we found him in late October, hidden under a car. He was so tiny. We instantly fell in love with each other. He screamed loudly whenever I went out of his sight.
I love him like a mother loves her children. He has just been diagnosed with FIP. At first I could not believe it. But then we kept seeing results of his blood tests, his stomach grew bigger and the vet told us that a fluid is building up in his stomach. 
I am heartbroken. We have just met and the world already wants to take him away. If we don't start the treatmens as soon as possible, we will have to say goodbye to him. I cannot accept that. I love him so much. His appearance made a huge impact as we adopted him right when my treatment for depression started. I finally felt loved, needed. I was so happy just to see him.
I am 19, working at a job where I'm constantly mobbed by my co-workers. I wanted to give up but then we heard the diagnosis.
My parents both lost their jobs due to the pandemic, we're slowly getting back on our feet and now this. We cannot afford the treatment by ourselves. Please help us save our little sunshine. He means the world to me.

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