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Zane is officially one year old! I am writing this on his birthday, and we are so grateful he made it to this point.

He is technically a family cat, but he is really a kids cat. Where they go, he goes. His kids are 8, 3, and 5 months. All boys, so they've kind of got a club with Zane and Zane's brother, Maui. Zane was named by my eight year old after a "sneaky cool ninja" for his sneaky cool ways. He likes to hide behind corners and paw around them, waiting for someone to play. Sometimes he will pounce on the dog, a large black lab, trying to get playtime going. At night, when the boys are in bed, he will check on his boys before settling in with the oldest. He is, truly, the best cat.

Two weeks ago, Zane was diagnosed with FIP. His lungs were full of fluid, our little guy couldn't breathe, and the vet informed us that this was fatal. We couldn't accept that, and we were recommended to try a medicine that has wonderful success.

It's expensive. About $40/day right now, and likely to get more expensive as he gains weight since dosing is based on weight. But we had to try.

That was two weeks ago, and Zane wasn't expected to make it more than a couple of days. He's a little fighter and he held on. We have said as long as Zane is fighting, we will fight for him. I swear he knows we are trying to help him.

I've been in tough financial times before, and our family only recently got to a "stable" point after years of financial hardship. I'm no stranger to financial frugality, but I don't know how we can manage this without help. He's so good, he's got so much love and so much fight in him. But we need help. Please, if you can spare anything it will help. We just need to get him to January. The whole cost will be estimated three thousand dollars. But if we could even get help with half of that, it will save his life.

If you cannot help, please send a little thought/prayer/positive energy our way. I can't imagine losing our little ninja cat.

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