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You had one eye yellow and the other green. That was really strange , I thought .…..You had such wonderful clear blue eyes. That how my story with FIP began. My little Yuri started to show signs of jaundice in mid September , after we came back from holidays. The first vet said he had liver problems . So I had to give Yuri antibiotics for 20 days , twice a day . He had eco and blood test and also fluid injections , at least 5 times. The first vet said he had amiliodosys ( what ??)… In mid October Yuri was getting worse….he couldn’t eat and he couldn’t move properly . I took him to another veterinarian. He immediately diagnosed dry FIP . Yuri passed away one week later . No words can describe my pain and sorrow. He was such a special cat to me . . I will always remember our fights and games on bed . We were really enjoying. Please everyone help and support to find a cure .