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Little Yoshi was diagnosed FIP, he was almost dying.. he stopped completely to eat, play, groom, giving cuddles. He was just lying there and waiting for the death to come.
It was a very very hard time for me because
At the same time my mother was operated on her spine, and the doctors failed. She's has the cauda syndrome and I needed to go almost every day for couple hours to visit her.

I needed also to force feed yoshi 3 days. Then it was more and more difficult to feed him. He didn't wanted anymore. My world was falling apart at that moment.
A friend then told me about the FIpfree group in Germany. We gave Yoshi one injection and the day after we saw immediately changes.
He stood up and walked the room a little bit
He eat a little bit himself.
I was so happy I cried.

I have a GoFundMe page, I am grateful for every single penny if you can help me to keep Yoshi living.

Yoshi's Pages: GoFundMe