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Yeti was our 27th foster cat, but our first foster "win." We hadn't planned on adopting a cat, but he completely stole our hearts. We decided to adopt him the morning he was supposed to go to his first adoption event. In the following weeks, he started to become more lethargic--nothing like his bouncy, happy kitten personality. Several vet visits and blood work quickly pointed us to the crushing diagnosis of wet FIP. His condition was dire: A/G ratio = 0.15 and severe anemia. His little body was failing. We almost lost him. In a whirlwind of a few days, we got the FIP diagnosis, learned about Gs, and were connected with an incredible fellow cat dad with his own FIP warrior who got us our first Gs bottle. Gs worked like magic. Yeti almost immediately started playing, eating, and returning to his kitten self. Three months of daily injections passed slowly, but each day his condition improved more and more. Yeti is now almost 3 months off of Gs. He loves his food, toys, and catnip. He loves watching lizards and bugs outside. He unconditionally loves his parents... giving kisses to mom and playing hide and seek with dad. He is our baby, and we are so thankful for the life-saving medication that has given him so many more happy months with us. Yeti recently celebrated his first birthday, and we are looking forward to many, many more thanks to Gs.