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Jewel (wolfy) is a 8 month old purebred Lykoi who unfortunately was diagnosed with FIP. She was already treated once by her breeder and not only survived, but thrived!

Unfortunately, that treatment didn't stick. A few days ago she started being lower energy and not eating, not playing as much as she used to. Her breeder was worried that she was relapsing, and was unable to afford a second round of treatment or the diagnostics that she needed to determine whether or not it was a real relapse. I agreed to take her in as a foster and get her worked up to see if she was actually relapsing.

I took this sweet little wolfy baby to the doctor yesterday, and unfortunately the results were not good. Her bloodwork showed signs of relapse. Since being back on the FIP medication, she has started eating and playing again!Unfortunately because of the relapse, she has to be treated at a double dose of medication. We would like to give her a chance to really truly beat this disease once and for all!

I am creating a little fundraiser to help cover the costs of her first month of her second round of treatment, while I am also currently treating Little Bird. She will end up needing a little over 30 vials total. This raises the money for the first 11.
I really appreciate everyone's generosity in helping me save these wonderful little cats!

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