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We rushed Wolf to the emergency room at 6 months old when we noticed his breathing looked very fast. We counted it at 75 breaths a minute (while sleeping). The doctors found fluid around his lungs and after draining it discovered it to be typical of FIP. This fluid combined with fever, weight loss and refusal to eat led us to his diagnosis. We brought Wolf home that night with instructions to "give him love for a day or two and bring him back when ready to say goodbye". We were not ready to say goodbye! After a detailed internet search we discovered the new research on GS-441524. We knew we would do anything to get it and luckily found a group of amazing people in the same boat who helped us get it as quickly as possible. Wolf's chest fluid seemed relentless and returned quickly, necessitating a total of 6 chest drains. Once his treatment was started this fluid accumulation slowed and eventually stopped completely. He is now mid-way through treatment and his vet's at the ER are astonished and so happy for him!