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In Feb 2020, Wobbles was a part of a colony who was taken to the vet for TNR. On the release day, he was wobbly and couldn't walk forward without falling and something seemed off. After a lot of struggle, we took him to another vet that confirmed his diagnosis of FIP. While staying at the vet for 2 months, I looked up for ways to treat FIP (the vet told me there's no treatment and that he will pass away within 1 month but I could see him fighting to survive as he never lost his appetite). I came across FIP warriors FB group and joined it and shared my story. I was immediately put into contact with two admins who helped me relentlessly and as Wobbles is FIV+ with a liver condition, he needed about 4 months of treatment to show significant improvement. Wobbles was officially cured on the 16th of November 2020 and he's been doing amazing since then! He still has a permanent damage due to this severe neuro FIP where he can't walk properly and sometimes misses the litterbox, but he's living his life to its fullest :)