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Winter is 22 days into GS treatment with the help of the amazing people on the FIP Warrior Facebook group. She is going strong and is acting like a happy healthy kitten! She still has periodic fevers but only two since starting which is huge for her. She is the light of our life. I got her as a gift from a breeder (I’m a vet technician) and instantly fell in love with her. I brought her into my work to get spayed and she was anemic and feverish and that’s when our journey began. Fast forward three months and we are in treatment but finances are really hard. I’m 23 and just starting out life. I give my time and energy to pets and their owners every day with hardly more than minimum wage. But I love what I do and wouldn’t trade it for the world. I hope Winter can continue to get treatment so that she can live a long life with us, she brings so much joy to our lives ❤️

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