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One day Willow just wasn't her usual fun kitten self. She stopped eating and drinking and was laying in weird unusual spots in our home. She peed outside her litter box one evening and I just knew something wasn't right. I called my vet that evening and brought her in for emergency care. She was extremely dehydrated and had a high fever. The vet did a few tests/xrays and confirmed her abdomen area was full of fluid. She immediately recommended I seek further testing in Edmonton. Willow spent 2 full days in the hospital hooked up to an iv. They did an ultrasound and removed a sample of the straw colored fluid to test. Everything was pointing to FIP. I initially did not know much about the disease. While Willow was admitted, I did not sleep. I started researching FIP and what could be done to help my sweet baby. Sleepless nights and many tears later, I found an FIP warrior and obtained the medicine to get her started on the road to recovery. We had a hotel booked for the evening we picked her up. We used the hotel room to give her the first injection but didn't stay. We felt she would be happier at home. We drove the 5 hrs home and she was still very weak and sick. A few days later the vet confirmed our worst nightmare. It was FIP but I had already started her on the treatment. I just knew. I fed her soft food and water with a syringe for the first few days because I knew she wasn't going to make it otherwise. Eventually she would eat treats on her own. She ate all the treats she wanted. It was incredible to watch the good that this treatment was doing. My baby was gradually getting better! It's been a long hard road but worth every single min. I would save her life a 100 times if I had to. Willow currently has 4.5 weeks of observation left and she will be cured! I am so so thankful for this group and this treatment. It truly is a miracle.