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William is a rescue cat who lived with us for one year before being diagnosed with wet FIP in January, 2019. He was extremely ill and we were told by an emergency vet to euthanize him on the spot. Fortunately we did not heed that advice. Instead I went home and researched GC and GS. In the meantime we kept William alive with intense supportive care. We initially treated with GC and later switched to GS. William did not eat on his own for 3 full weeks but his abdominal effusion resolved as did his high fever. We completed treatment with GS in June. Although William gained weight and did well, he had periods of not eating during treatment. After he finished treatment he underwent endoscopy of his bowel to evaluate the anorexia and he was diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease which is not related to FIP and has a good prognosis. He takes low dose prednisone to manage this which we hope to be able to wean him from. He is now a happy, chubby kitty and we hope that he is cured of FIP. He is now 58 days out from treatment. Fingers and paws crossed! Many thanks to Dr. Pedersen!