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Our "Little Dude" Wicca came into our lives as a foster , and was given the name Wicca before we realized he was a BOY. I'm not very good at sexing kittens .... my bad. In a very short time he worked his way into our hearts and he became a huge foster fail. He was snuggly , precocious, handsome and could cause more than his share of trouble. Every night when "Daddy" came home from work Wick ran to the door to greet him , just like the dogs. He was the only cat allowed to sleep in our bed. We loved him so much. His illness started with opaque plaques on his eyes , and the feline opthamologist we took him to said that his symptoms were consistent with FIP .... but we hoped against hope. Poor little Wick gradually weakened and finally passed away at home , surrounded by love this past July. He took a huge piece of our hearts with him.