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White Cat

Message: Hang. In. There. Several months after Day 84 and my dear girl White Cat is so well, its like she's a new cat. More active than before, hungrier than before, even a better coat than before! This is no walk in the park, I won't lie. Some of the days administering the medication would count as the worst days I've experienced in a while (especially the first day, which was so traumatizing...ugh). But it does become more normalized over time. But there is a light, there's a beautiful next phase. Do what you have to do to get through the treatment. Take more time for yourself if you need it. And know, this drug is a miracle drug and your pet will (more likely than not) be better than before. And if things change - if this issue returns - I still feel good about what we've done. Because right now, she's experiencing amazingly good days. And that's what matters. Here, now.