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Please help my best boy get better!!! Wednesday is 18 years old and just got diagnosed with FIP which I previously thought there was no treatment for but there’s a new drug that can actually cure it!!!! His abdomen is was full of fluid it looks like he ate a football and his hind legs are weakened making it hard for him to jump. The vet drained 750ml of fluid from him the first time and a week later 630ml. Since then his health has deteriorated so even though I can’t actually afford it i bought him a weeks worth of injections that should arrive tomorrow and I’m just hoping he pulls through till then. The full course of it costs around 4000€ Since he has neuro . Other than this he’s in perfect health despite his age so he’s far from ready to go. I’ve know this guy most of my life and he’s helped me through some very bad times, he’s so amazing and he’s such a fighter, he’s survived being attacked by a dog and getting hit by a jeep he’s so strong I know if he can get these drugs he can beat this so please if you have anything to spare help Wednesday!