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We adopted Wednesday from the Cleveland APL on October 26, 2019. On December 18th she was diagnosed with FIP, which we were told was fatal. I was told to enjoy and cherish the time I had left with her, that was heartbreaking.
A few days later we started doing some reading on our own and found out about GS. We started with Mutian capsules but pilling Wednesday was near impossible. She wasn’t eating at the time, could hardly walk.. it was very sad. We decided to try injections and after a few days of trial and error we figured out a method that worked for Wednesday.
Within four days of being on GS she was eating like crazy and able to trot along without falling. She could get in her litter box on her own, she was playing and had never played before. We thought this was a miracle and that’s when we decided to continue treatment for the full 12 weeks.
As of today May 16, 2020 we have 30 days left of observation before Wednesday is considered cured. Her labs have looked wonderful and her gait and appetite have improved significantly. She may have some permanent damage to her gait but as long as she is healthy, we are happy. She truly is a warrior.

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