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Waylon is the sole survivor of his litter, which perished within 6 days of their first vaccination at 8 weeks .. I began treating Waylon and his sibling, Hank, and sadly Hank didn’t make it …Waylon, at 8 weeks old had dropped more than half his body weight in 3 days and began treatment at 13 ounces and already entering beginning organ failure.. . Waylon was given critical care 24/7 for 8 days and had veterinary support for 5 of them .. this little guy defied all the odds and is truly a miracle WARRIOR- he began treatment October 15, 2021, and has been in observation since January 5, 2022 and he will be officially cured on March 31, 2022..Waylon was the hardest for me to treat as he was such a baby, so small, and the injections were very hard on him .. we persevered and Waylon is now 7 months old and has spent most of his babyhood fighting FIP.. He has come so far, has a slight neuro weakness in his left back leg and that is perfectly fine. Today, Waylon weighs 9 pounds and is a happy, healthy, thriving member of our family and he is very much loved ..