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Our 5-month old kitten Virgo recently got diagnosed with dry FIP. It has been hard to see him struggle, but thankfully he is on day 5 of treatment. Virgo has been taking his injections so well and we already see improvement! He has really bad anemia that we are going to treat with a B12 injection. He was very lethargic and never wanted to play, but after starting his injections he is getting his energy back which is amazing to see. He also has enlarged kidneys. It brings us so much joy to see his personality come back. We are both full time college students, and as much as we wish we could fund Virgos treatment on our own, we are faced with the reality that we won’t be able to keep ourselves stable at the same time. We are fighting so hard for Virgo, and have a very optimistic outlook that he WILL beat FIP. We started a GoFundMe for Virgo to try and get all of the help we can!

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