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A post I shared during our FIP journey: Today marks our halfway point, so I thought what better time to post about our FIP journey with Warrior Veronica! 😻❤️ What is FIP? Day 42/84. We wouldn’t have made it where we are without the help of our admins. Our true earth angels! We cannot thank them enough for all their constant help, guidance and support on this journey. So much LOVE for those two. ❤️ Veronica is 9 months old and was diagnosed with Wet FIP on Jan 15/2021. The vets gave her a median survival rate of 8 days and only sent her home with 5 days of prednisone. She was brought home on the thought of palliative care until she was ready to go.. they were expecting us to book in her euthanasia. I started frantically looking online for any bit of understanding or help that might benefit her. We weren’t ready to lose her.. we’ve lost two in the past to this horrible disease. I said to Colton “this isn’t happening, we aren’t losing another one again”. Thankfully, I was able to find two groups and connected with our admins, not even 2 days later we started treatment.🤞🏼 We have also since found a new vet that is more than willing and extremely excited about being alongside her journey through this and being able to help treat her and any other future kitties!! 🐈‍⬛ Veronica was originally our foster kitty, but the rescue she was under does not/will not support this treatment whatsoever. So we went ahead and started it on our own. She’s staying with us forever now, it’s safe to say! Everyday is a new day and it brings on something amazing! She makes us laugh constantly. She’s so full of spunk and energy! She is such a strong little girl, with so much life in her. Everyday we get to enjoy with her. She’s finally able to be a kitten again. We love her so much. ❤️ #teamveronica #fip #fipwarrior #warriorveronica 😼