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my name is Timon! I’m 7 months old and I live in my new home for 3 months. I’m an orphan because my mom died during labor, just like five of my siblings, too. Me and my only brother were fed by bipeds and slipped away by death. It was possible thanks to the enormous strength and determination as well as the willing to survive. My brother is doing well and, like me, he's got a new home.

For feeding me at nights in first days of life, I repay to the people by loving them! And I especially likes to make their bed with my little paws ;) . I feel very good in my new home and I like being hug, but I also act like a tough guy and I'm not afraid of anything - not even a hammer drill!

Unfortunately, because I wasn't fed by my mother, I didn't get a proper immunity. Now, after 7 months, I got a terrible disease, feline infectious peritonitis, also called FIP. It is a severe, incurable viral disease of infectious peritonitis. The prognosis is bad. No chance of survival is given. The most common decision of the owners is euthanasia, because cats suffer a lot, and there is no life support treatment.

But ... the disease is incurable officially. Recently there is a form of treatment that offers real opportunities for success. My owner made a great decision for me - we're fighting for my life!
However, treatment with these specifics is very expensive. The therapy cycle includes 84 injections that must be performed daily, day by day. Unfortunately, one such injection is an expense about 25 $. So approx. 2200 $ is the cost of the preparation itself, but the treatment also involves a weekly visit to the vet, weekly blood collection, ultrasounds diagnostics, as well as other drugs supporting liver function and supplements. This is a huge amount, exceeding any financial possibilities of my owner, who in addition ... he is also seriously ill (he is disabled).

We managed to borrow money for the first injections, but we still have a lot to do. I should take the last one 3rd of July.
The amount I'm asking you for, will allow me to heal. I have my whole life ahead of me. I won't give up so easily! Thank you.

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