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Hello peeps, can I get your attention for a moment plz? My name is Tita, I am a four-month-old rescue kitty and I am a real warrior! First, when I was living on the streets with 15 other cats, I had a fist-sized tumor in my chest and never-ending diarrhea. The docs did a great job taking out the tumor, but the diarrhea didn’t go away (wink wink, imagine how anywhere I walked by looked and smelled like).

Two days ago my rescuer, aka my mom, realized that something is wrong with me (swollen tummy, lethargy, and fever). The vets diagnosed me with wet FIP, which means that I won’t make it to my fifth month in life without a medicine called GS441524.

This disease is caused by the mutated version of the feline coronavirus, which is not contagious to humans but lethal for cats. Or better to say that it was a death sentence until last year when the article that spells out the cure for FIP has been published. The cure is to get an antiviral (GS441524) for 84 consecutive days. It is a mind-blowingly expensive drug (cheapest that we can find is 145 dollars/vial) and I just need 6 to 8 vials.

But there is an elephant in the room. With the little money she has, mom bought a vial to start my treatment; but she had to trade off my kitty friends’ cat-food. People around her are telling my mom that she shouldn’t bother saving me if she can continue feeding and taking care of the other 15 stray cats that she feels responsible for. It hurts to hear that. So, the question remains: Am I worth a chance or not?

I don’t wanna die because my new fam has other cats on the streets to look after, or I don’t want those cats to be left on their own because of my treatment. Can you save us from this dilemma by sharing our story, by donating a couple of bucks that don’t hurt your budget and by commenting with your encouraging words we need so much right now?

With much purr from the bottom of my heart to you,

(All money donated here will be strictly spent on my treatment and you will receive frequent updates. At the same time my fam will of course spend all their money both to me and to my cat community on the streets and you will receive updates from their lives along mine.)

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