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Tiger and Ash

Many of us have our babies fighting FIP . Some have been cured while others crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Some are still fighting. Tiger crossed the bridge last night. He started out with the first vet diagnosing him with just eosinophilic granuloma. Over the last couple of months after 2 steroid shots he just continued to deteriorate. Ash passed away at the same vet last Thursday to assumed FIP ( they told me they never even heard anything in his lungs until his 3rd visit, and I heard it this whole time only to be ignored). After Ash passed I pulled all of my records, and took Tiger to Dr. Frank. Tiger was very sick. He was refusing to eat on his own. I had to force feed him over the weekend. This last Monday I took him to Dr. Frank with hope for answers. I found out Tiger was FIV positive, among many other things the other vet never even checked. Tiger was very ill, and Dr. Frank did blood work. His protein levels were high, and his red blood cells were low. Tiger was anemic, and was also found to have fluid in his chest and lungs. He was hospitalized from this last Monday to last night where he lost his battle. I got the news this morning, and he too was a victim to FIP. He spent 4 days on fluids, antibiotics, different ones of us feeding him, and having the fluid drained. Tiger did not respond to treatment, but he had people who loved and prayed for him. I will miss those boys, and sincerely hope a cure to FIP is found, and made affordable. It is also my hope that an effective vaccine is created so that others don't have to witness their babies pass on. RIP my boys.