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After losing 2 old kitties earlier in the year, We thought it was time to get 2 more.I had always wanted a Ragdoll so I saved and got 2 gorgeous brothers "Loki" and "Thor".My 3 little girls fell straight for them..... We had a period of about a week until we noticed something wasnt quite right with Thor. He started to become lethargic and wasnt playing as much as his brother. After a few days he started to act "drunk" he couldnt stand, he couldnt hold still enough to eat or drink.We took him straight to the vets who gave him the once over and said its something neurological. I was devastated


We booked him in for blood tests and kept our fingers crossed for the results.After 5 long days we recieve the results to have our worst thoughts confirmed.Thor has FIP


We were told there isnt any treatment without spending £10,000 at least.Thors symptoms appeared during the first 14 days of his insurance. It means we can not claim. We were told to "put him down"


I started to look for another option, I was desperate after losing 2 cats earlier this year that broke our family, I couldnt bear to loose another, hes only 5 mths old he has so much life ahead of him!I found the FIP warriors they have been amazing!Thor started his treatment the very same day, he is now 3 days down of 84 day treatment course. We have to inject him every day (currently twice) have regular blood tests and vet visits.The cost of this is less than my vets but still for our family its alot. I decided we would give it our best to see him through to cured


I have picked up overtime shifts at work and tried reduce my spending as much as possible but im struggling to see how we can make the full 84 days


If you can please help Thor win his most important battle!Thor has his own instagram page with constant updates on his journey, please feel free to follow:'s Mom

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